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Welcome to the fastest growing listing site on the Internet. Here you will find all the tools you need to either find what you're looking for, or sell those unwanted items and put cash in your pocket. Our specially designed site is optimized for use on your pc,tablet, or cell phone. So, no matter where you're located, you are only fingertips away from searching, selling, or managing your account.

Many will visit this site and think that it is just another listing site, but they couldn't be further from the truth. The development of the site began with two key factors on the table. The key to selling is advertising and the key to advertising is getting an item of interest in front of as many buying eyes as possible with the lowest expense possible.

Other focal points of the development was the site needed to have some type of tools, features or something to aid the user in selling their items. This lead to the idea of social media and how it would play a huge roll in advertising the users items.

The site also needed to allow the user to be different, offering the user ways to give their sales ads more exposure instead of everyone posting ads with the same format of basic text description and a few photos, but to not eliminate the basic format either. Security on the site was a big issue as the site needed to keep the users information as well as their primary email secure.

Since this site began on September 2010 we have spent days, months, many, many, many hours searching the internet high and low to find tools, and or features that would aid in the buying, selling, and searching of wanted items by classified and auction ads.

After years of searching, researching and hard work we feel we have not only met the goal, but surpassed it. Although our site name has changed three times since the beginning, from to to the current and final name our goal to make a listing site better is ready. Although we will have the on going determination to continue searching and find new tools, features, and special features to benefit our members. We invite you to join us and check out the end result of our hard work.

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Site Security

One thing you may notice is that the entire site is locked down with SSL. (Secure Socket Layer), Most people doesn't know what this actually means, but it is really a BIG DEAL, this basically means that the whole site is secure, every single page you go to will be secure. You will be able to know this by the https: in your browsing window. Now then your probably thinking, WOW! This is the reason we spend the extra money to lock our whole site down. But not only do we SSL the entire site for your security we also make sure the server itself reads A+ on the SSL. Check out our rating if you like you can check any web site you like if they have the SSL the lock on the site. Scan Any Site With Https

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